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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Windsor Islamic Council (WIC), We greet you with the Islamic greetings of peace and blessings of almighty God (Allah). At the WIC, we strive to promote an exemplary Muslim community in Windsor Essex County (WEC); in all aspects of life. We also strive to build a better understanding of Muslims in WEC, the noble nature of their faith, and highlight their many contributions as an integral part of the Canadian society. Canadian Muslims are especially blessed to be part of a free, tolerant, and inclusive society that recognizes strength in diversity. We are also blessed with a dynamic and generous Muslim community that has among its ranks some of the most accomplished leaders in almost every field of work and professional practice. Such blessings come with an added sense of responsibility to fulfill our civic and societal duties. The WIC therefore takes seriously its mandate to serve as a vehicle that facilitates the translation of these duties into reality. We are especially proud of the professional, chariatable, and civic contributions that members of our community make to the larger society.

To learn about our organization, our community, and our programs, we invite you to navigate this website and/or our Twitter @windsorislamicC. Thank you for visiting!

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