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Established in 2010, The Windsor Islamic Council” (WIC) is an umbrella not-for-profit organization of the Islamic organizations, mosques, and centers in Windsor.  The WIC serves the civic and community interests of local Canadian Muslims.


Our Vision:  An exemplary Windsor Muslim Community that embodies the common Islamic & Canadian values of community service, civic engagement, religious tolerance, respect of human dignity, and giving.


Our Mission:  is to serve and promote the interests of the Muslim Community of Windsor by: (a) communicating its many contributions to society, (b) inspiring its members to reach their maximum individual and collective potential, and (c) building of collaborative partnerships with the broader society


Aims and Objectives


1. To promote cooperation, consensus, and unity with regards to the affairs of the Muslim Community of Windsor

2. To promote an enlightened view of Islam as a noble and tolerant religion among Muslims and fellow citizens of other faiths in  Windsor and beyond

3. To promote a better understanding of Canadian Muslims as integral members of the wider Canadian family.

4. To advocate on behalf of the Muslim community against all forms of bigotry, discrimination, and Islamophobia

5. To highlight and promote the positive engagement and contributions of the Muslim Community in civic and societal activities that serve the better good of society,


7. To foster collaborative partnerships with local community and civic institutions to serve the better good of society.

8. To coordinate and cooperate with other Canadian Muslim organizations on civil rights issues that matter to Canadian Muslims


9. To support the positive engagement of Muslim youth in civic life.  





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